We provide following Services

  • Product Design & Development

We work with inventors, startups, and apparel/uniform manufacturers by designing and developing their products from concept to production.
This includes sourcing of all fabric and trims from local reliable suppliers.

  • Cutting & Sewing

We are a CMT (cut,make,trim) or TurnKey cut and sew contractor.
Our cutting room is equipped with a manual spreader & cutter and can manage fabrics as wide as 60 inches.
Our sewing room is equipped with multiple range of single needle, serger, bar-tack, button-hole, sonic (heat seal) machines and more.

  • Bias Tape/Binding/Trim

We have multiple sets of biasing and tubing machines.
Your fabric or ours we can covert it into bias tape/binding/trim and slit the fabric into the desirable width.

  • Slitting & Rewinding

We have multiple sets of rewinding and automatic slitting machines.
We can rewind fabric from 1 1/2 inch tube onto a 3 inch tube.
Our automatic slitters have the capability to straight cut and slit a range of materials (textiles, films, paper, vinyl, nonwovens, etc.)

  • Inspection/Repairs & Alterations

Minor to major defective apparel/textile projects are sent to us to be corrected.
Examples of defects include loose threads,open seams, missing/wrong labels etc.
No project is too small or big.

  • Bagging & Kitting

Several customers including catalog companies and online retailers often have us bag/kit and package their products.
This includes combining few products to make a kit and applying all necessary tags and barcodes to the final product.

  • Warehousing & Distribution

We own our 20,000 square feet facility.
The wide range of warehousing and distribution services we offer include everything from pick and pack, to customer service, to transportation planning.
We can stock, manage, and distribute your inventory with efficiency in cost,time, and tracking.